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Dan's Morris.

On a small number of occasions during the past twelve or so years, items have appeared in the clubs publications describing interesting or rare cars which have come to light, such as the 1974 pre production Austin 2200,  several Princesses with unbelievably low recorded mileages, and of course the last Ambassador to be manufactured in 1984, which was sold at auction by the  Motor Heritage Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire in July 2003. Early Austin, Morris and Wolseley 18/22 series cars are now becoming very rare indeed - there are probably less than eight Wolseley Six models left - five are owned by club members and are in amazingly good condition. So far as Morris 2200 HL, 1800 HL and Standard models are concerned, the club knows of the existence of five - three are owned by club members with none in use today.  It may be that there are a few others of which we have no knowledge.  If you know of others, then we would dearly like to hear from you.

Rare Wedges were one of the topics under discussion between members at the Clubs National Rally at Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, Leicestershire in July 1974. Among those members was Daniel Nichols -  one of our younger members who attended the Rally with his brother.  As Daniel was on the lookout for another car, he was extremely surprised to hear that an acquaintance of his brother knew the whereabouts of a Morris 1800 HL, which had been stored in a wooden shed in Hampshire for the past seven years, following the death of it's owner. Later on that Sunday evening (after a few lagers), Daniel was taken to view the rare find. Ermine White, with flat perished tyres and very much deflated suspension.   Access in the shed was very restricted - making a detailed inspection difficult, but it was clear that the cars bodywork was not in to bad condition. All wheel-arches appeared to be sound, leaving just one rear door to be either repaired or re-placed.  The following weekend, Daniel and his brother set off for Hampshire with money in wallet to buy the rare machine, and transport it back to Manchester on a car shifting trailer towed by brothers van.

First Sighting!!

Showing the front grille, Morris badge, and raised bonnet.

The front after quick a clean-up!

And the rear end!

Following closer examination in it's new home on Daniels brothers farm, the recorded mileage was found to be 79,000.  It has it's original radio with front and rear speakers, a full length Webasto sunroof, and  there is some evidence that the car has been rust proofed at some stage.  All four door bottoms are in need of repair, but the sills seem to be in good order.  Daniel says he is going to be very busy during these winter months preparing his find for the Princess 30th Celebrations and Austin Centenary event at Cofton Park Longbridge in July 2005.We wish him well with his restoration hope he will keep us posted on progress. 

August 2005.

The Front End Prior to Dismantling.

A few days later - engine and all mechanicals removed, ready for action.

Corrosion Damage to Left Side Inner Sill and lower bulkhead area.

Left hand floor-pan and lower bulkhead area.

Please Look in from time to time for updates to Dan's Project.

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