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BMC BL Rally and Spares Day - Peterborough - 2nd August 2015




A disappointingly low turnout from Club        Members to this important annual event. 

 Our thanks to members Martin Nancekievill,
 Derek and Gloria Pearson - who all travelled
 more than 200 miles each way to get to the
 Peterborough rally. Also, a big thank- you to
 Martin for the photographs.






Wedges at the BMC and Leyland Show �

Gaydon Heritage Centre, � July 5th 2015

   Pride of Longbridge Rally - April 18th 2015.
This was the ninth annual Pride of Longbridge Rally, and was the largest, with four thousand Longbridge built (or Longbridge Related) vehicles and ten thousand people. We look forward to next years event to be held on Saturday 16th April 2016. Our thanks to the organisers for this years splendid event.


Lee Boswells 40 year old Princess 1.8

Ambassador recently rescued and restored by Steve Forde.

Club member Derek Pearson's low mileage Princess2 down from Co. Durham.

Ambassador, also owned by Club member Steve Forde.

Two Wedges about to lead the Cowley to Longbridge Convoy 16th April 2015.

BMC BL Rally, Nene Park,
 Peterborough - August 3 2014.


Wedges at the BMC and Leyland Show �

Gaydon Heritage Centre, � July 6 2014



Drive it Day - 27th April 2014.


Pride of Longbridge Rally - 12 April 2014.


BMC BL Rally - Peterborough - August 4 2013





Wedges at the BMC and Leyland Show �

Gaydon Heritage Centre, � July 7 2013.





Cowley Centenary March 29 2013

With Thanks to Derek Pearson for these centenary photographs.


Derek Pearsons Ambassador - awaiting the instruction from organiser
 Tanya Field to move off in convoy at 9.30 am to Broad Street � Oxford
 City Centre, as part of day- long 40 car display.

 Princess � owned by club member Richard Bremner is part of the
display of Cowley built vehicles on display at the Cowley factory.


Princess 2 - owned by club members Ray and Sue Coles � also
 lined up for the Broad Street 40 car City Centre display.

Oldest, and first to move off to Nuffield Place.


Pride of Longbridge Rally 13 April 2013.







Pride of Longbridge Rally 14 April 2012.


First to arrive � Derek Pearson who had driven down from Wingate,
 Co. Durham the day before the rally.

Next to arrive- Ray and Sue Coles � part of the Cowley to Longbridge Convoy.

This was the seventh annual Pride of Longbridge Rally.  Attendance this year exceeded all expectations by reaching a healthy 1,100 cars with 3,000 visitors. Thankfully the weather was bright and mostly sunny, but a little cold.  We look forward to next years Pride of Longbridge, which will be held on Saturday 13 April 2013. More information can be found at



Followed shortly by David Wicks and myself.

Also part of the Cowley to Longbride Convoy � owner not known.

Dave, Phil and Max (resting) at Longbridge.