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Monte Carlo or Bust

 Saturday 14th July 2018.
A warm welcome to new members KM and EM Wilson. Please could you make contact with the Club.

Sunday 20th May 2018.
Club Magazine Edition 83 has been sent out to all members today
showing full information on the 40 year old MOT changes and more. 


Monday 18th December 2017.
Your MOT Test - changes announced today.

Vehicles of Historical Interest (VHI): Substantial Change Guidance

Most vehicles manufactured or first registered before 20th May 1978, will, as of 20 May 2018, be exempt from periodic testing
unless they have been substantially changed.

Large goods vehicles (i.e. goods vehicles with a maximum laden weight of more than 3.5 tonnes) and buses (i.e. vehicles with 8
or more seats) that are used commercially will not be exempted from periodic testing at 40 years.

A vehicle that has been substantially changed within the previous 30 years will have to be submitted for annual MOT testing.
Whether a substantially changed vehicle requires re-registration is a separate process.

More information on this later as it becomes available.

Monday December 4th 2017.
Members Wedges recently on display at the Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester.

Our thanks to Scottish Club member Eric Dalton for sending  photos of two fine Wedges recently seen at the Footman James Classic Car Show, held at Event City, Manchester on September 16th 17th, 2017.


Monday 27th November 2017.
Photos received from New Zealand Club Member John Stephens today. John writes as follows.

Hi Harry,
"I’d just like to report that today after fifteen years off the road, my Princess finally passed the final hurdle (well almost) to being
brought back to life, and now has an MOT, is taxed and is ok to drive (once I get an electric fan switch sorted out). I’ve attached
a couple of pics of the reborn product if you’re interested".

Cheers - John.

Thanks John, sure we are interested. Both car and photos are great, and we hope you soon get your fan switch sorted.  Harry. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Friday 27th October 2017..
Back in Business again after eleven days in Hospital, so, watch this space..

Monday 9th October 2017.
Nice picture received from Club Member Miles Rowland - taken under fine
blue skies on Saturday 7th October. (Happy  memories).

Friday 6th October 2017.
September 2017 Wedge World magazine is now available in the members area.

Friday 6th September 2017.
                                                     Ambassador for sale.

Ambassador 1.7HL, MOT April 2018. 19,800 miles. Manual gearbox. light green metallic with tan interior. Recently re-commissioned after many years off the road. Many new parts fitted as required. Excellent condition. Telephone or email for more details and pics. Bristol.  Telephone 07816 512597 email.

Steve tells us that he has recently had his suspension displacers re-gassed by Ian Kennedy – Telford,  In Steve’s own words -
“had the blue Amby re-gassed by Ian and Dawn last month. Boy has it made a difference. You could tell by the time i got to the end of their road. as for testing it, well, i had a journey of about 120 miles back home that night and what an incredibly pleasant journey. Smooth and floaty. Unlike the journey up to Telford which was akin to driving a car with octagonal wheels on”




Friday 1st September 2017.
Auction ended as the car is no longer available.

Monday 28th August 2017. Re-listed on Ebay as a Classified Ad, inviting offers around £2,175.

Friday 25th August 2017.

Excellent 1981 Princess 1.7 HL is offered for sale on Ebay with MOT to July 2018, and showing only 44,902 miles from new.
Currently standing at £1,900 after 29 bids with reserve not met.
Auction ending August 25th, with winner to collect from Shiptonthorpe,  East Yorkshire.

Auction ended after 29 bids at £1,900, but still marked reserve not met.

This Princess is also presently offered for sale at, with an asking price of £2,495.

   View on Ebay .


Sunday 20th August 2017
Congratulations to Club Member Miles Rowland, who writes -

"Bragging again. My wedges are at the Tatton Park classic car show this weekend and the Ambassador was voted third in the 'Highly
Commended' section. There were categories for 'Best Mini', @ Best Rolls Royce' etc, but no 'Best Ambassador'......being the only one
It would have won that. However, nice to see that the judges recognised the car and made this award out of maybe a choice
of 1000 cars".


Great news from Member Miles Rowland.

                                         Nice photo showing Miles winners!

"Guess what folks. I took my 1984 Princess to my
local car club tonight. There were about 30 classics
there and they were being judged in categories.
I didn't know this and hadn't even washed the car.
But, it won Best saloon car' and went on to win 'Car
of the show"...
 woopee doo".


Monday 22 May 2017.
Message received from Members Ray and Sue Coles.
Great News - congratulations to both of you.

We have just enjoyed a great day out at Chiltern Hills Vintage Rally ,Weedon Aylesbury where I was presented with the best un-restored car in class F 1976-1985 beating 206 others ,this was a proud moment for myself and all other Princess and Ambassador owners ,We have attended this show for a few years now originally with the blue 2000hl but the 1700hl stole the show today.



Tuesday 25th April 2017.
Pride of Longbridge Rally - 15th April 2017.(Photos thanks to Member Derek Pearson).
























Sunday 12th March 2017.
More photos added.
Our thanks to Practical Classics Magazine for allowing us to show these great
photos from PC photographer Matt Howell, and article editor - James Walshe.

  July 2016 - on the move - first time since 1991.

  MOT Day - 14th September 2016.

  On its way to the 25th Swiss Annual British Car Display being held at Morges on 1st October  2016.

  Four exhibitors and cars posing for photographs near the top of a Swiss Alpine mountain pass.

  James Ambassador seen close by the top of the fourth highest Swiss Alpine mountain pass.

   And the following day - descending!

On display by Lake Geneva – October 1st 2016.

She was the star of the festival – 1500 cars in total.   

Swiss Enthusiasts were swarming around the car all day.


 On October 22nd 2016, Scottish Club Member Eric Dalton took possession of this great Ambassador.

     Eric's newly acquired Ambassador seen alongside the Forth Rail Bridge, Edinburgh.

This website has been rescued for auto historical reason by HistoryX to keep the Austin Princess alive.