Cowley Factory Tour to mark the 40th Anniversary
of the 1800 - 2200 Series Launch - 26th March 2015.

Firstly, our thanks go to the many club members and Wedge owners who took time off work to attend this mid-week Wedge event. Eleven fine Wedges on show - please see and enjoy photos below.

Our thanks also go to Harris Mann - former BL Chief Designer, (and designer of the new Wedge models introduced on March 26th 1975) for his presence, and for his continuing friendship to our club.

Our grateful thanks also go toTanya Field who arranged both the morning and afternoon factory tours with the BMW Mini Plant organisers, and took care of our refreshment needs at lunchtime, including provision of the excellent celebratory cake.

Thanks also to the BMW Mini plant factory tour organisers for two in a-day factory tours, both at no cost to our members and former factory workers, and for providing some of the photographs shown below.

Without doubt, this was the most enjoyable club event we have experienced in recent times, and Members can look forward to reading a full rally report in their (upcoming shortly) May 2015 Wedge World Club magazine.

 What the Press says!

 The Telegraph 27th March 2015.              Autocar 27th March 2015              Oxford Mail 27th March 2015.

Princess 40th Anniversary Photographs.
  Cowley - March 26th, 2015.

Members, Owners, and Guests.

Ten fine Princesses - together with one Ambassador.

Photo thanks to BMW Mini.

Photo thanks to BMW Mini.

Photo thanks to BMW Mini.

David Fleming - BMW Mini Plant photographer at work.

Tanya - who worked tirelessly looking after us, with Phil Parker. Our thanks!

Harris Mann - former BL Chief Designer -  ready for cake slicing.

Harris Mann (central) with Harry Parker and Kevin Davis.                    (Photo thanks to Tanya Field).

Enjoying a lunch break between factory tours.                                      (Photos thanks to Tanya Field).xx




 Drive it Day 2015 - Note from Tanya Field.

T Building at MINI Plant Oxford will be open between 10.00am and 4.00pm for Drive It Day and to celebrate the Princess's 40th. There is ample parking outside for everyone.

This is for everyone, classic car owners and local people. Past and present Cowley workers are particularly welcome.

Classic vehicles of all descriptions are welcome, not just Cowley related ones.

This is free for all to attend. Classic car owners are very welcome to drop by as part of Drive It Day and have a cuppa. There will be free refreshments for all, and there will be a donation box for Whizz Kids, MINI Plant Oxford's charity, for those who would like to make a small donation.

I can be contacted at  or on 07929 868284, should you have any questions.

Hope to see you there!




Pages from the Original Princess 1800 - 2200 Launch Brochure - March 26th 1975.





Style and Distinction

     Many superb motor cars  have been borne with the title 'Princess' over the years. distinctive as they were, surely none of them possessed the poise and grace of these, the latest models of the line.

   Representing a new generation of big-car luxury motoring, the new Princess is superbly styled and a tribute to the creative talents of its designers.

     Uncompromising in concept, the rakish lines have driven a dramatic wedge into the international motoring scene. By any standards, the new Princess is a beautifully sculptured package, as modern as tomorrow.

     Now let's see what's inside!





Purpose in design
    This is the top model of the range - the luxurious Princess 2200  Saloon. It's the car for those accustomed to the good things in life.
    The 2200 HLS has all the great features of the Princess line. And as befits the most exclusive Princess of all, it has much to distinguish it.
    The front passenger seat, for example, is adjustable up-and-down as well as for-and-aft, in the same way as the drivers seat, and naturally both seats are fully reclining.
    There's also extra lighting. Front and rear passenger lights, a light in the glove box, under the bonnet and of course, in the luggage compartment.
    The lively yet economical six cylinder 2227 cc engine is complimented by a responsive four-speed, synchromesh gearbox - or, at extra cost, by an automatic gearbox, if you prefer it.
    And this great Princess  comes with all-independent Hydrogas suspension, power assisted steering, dual circuit power assisted brakes- and much, much, more.




Silence is golden.
    Whether your idling in city traffic or cruising down the motorway at Britain's maximum permitted speed, you'll find the interior of the Princess 2200 HLS a haven of peace, quiet and luxurious comfort.
    The peace and quiet is the product of advanced engineering design - aided by effective insulation and by the expensive moulded carpets fitted throughout. (Even the boot is carpeted.)
    The luxury? It's built in everywhere - in those deeply-contoured seats, with their opulent velour plush facings; in that handsome, veneer facia and in the consistently high quality of the upholstery, fittings and accessories of this superb Princess.
    And if you do occasionally tire of all the peace and quiet, there's a quality push-button radio fitted as standard. 





Grace and Performance
    In today's climate of energy economics , figures like 35 mpg at a steady 50 mph, from a six cylinder engine, are well worth considering. So, too, is a figure of 0 - 50 in nine seconds. Both figures were obtained by British Leyland Engineers.
    The Princess 2200 HL is basically the same great car as it's luxurious counterpart, the 2200 HLS. With a slightly different specification. and a price that's also worthy of consideration.
    We haven't fitted a radio, for example. And you'll find cropped nylon seat facings instead of velour plush.
   There is still the same responsive power unit and gearbox. The same ultra - smooth Hydragas suspension.
    And all the classic breeding of one of Britain's greatest cars--in one of the most exciting body styles on the road today.




Living room for your family
    The Princess series also has two 1798 cc, 4-cylinder versions, but whether you choose these or the larger engined models, you'll never be cramped for style.  That's a big, big interior with sprawl-room for four, day-long comfort for five.
    Notice how the stylist has given you width where you want it-at shoulder level-plus uncluttered leg space for everyone.
    To add to your comfort, those contour-hugging seats have knit-backed expanded vinyl seat wearing surfaces. HL models have seats trimmed in cropped nylon.
    Al four fully upholstered doors have armrests and, to complete the living room illusion, there's expensive fitted carpeting throughout.
    On the move, you and your passengers will appreciate the smoothness of Hydragas suspension, the versatile fresh/air heating arrangements and, above all, that indefinable feeling of exclusive luxury that stems from painstaking design.




From the drivers point of view
    Clearly and concisely, the Princess's instrument panel keeps you fully informed.
    Apart from the main driving instruments, there are eight warning lamps. And all models except the 1800 Saloon have in addition a battery condition gauge and an electric clock.
    Heating and ventilation controls are neatly grouped, a three speed fan, with re-circulatory control on low speed, full width screen and side window demist and heated rear window maintaining clear vision on muggy mornings.
    Two exterior mirrors supplement the dipping interior mirror.  Multi-purpose levers on the steering column provide fingertip control of the horns, direction flashers, headlamp dip and flash, wipers (two speed with flick wipe) and screen washer.
    There is a cigar lighter alongside the heater controls, and a flashing seat belt warning light coupled to a sensor under the front passenger seat which informs you that your inertia real belts have not been fastened. Altogether a compact and comprehensive control system, as efficient as it is simple to understand.